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Dragon Quest VI [SNES]

Programming Version A & B:
Antiriad [J3d!]
Dark Force

Programming Version C:
Antiriad [J3d!]

Programming Version B & D:

English Translation Version A:

English Translation Version B:

English Translation Version C:
Max Hiroyuki Ueda
Luke Drelick

English Translation Version D:

Text Translation40%
Script Editing50%
Tile Editing100%
Menu Layout50%
Version A
Version B
Version C (Unsupported release)
Version D
(read below for details on the differeces between each patch)
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About the Dragon Quest VI Translation

Dragon Quest VI was the first DeJap project. It was started by J3d!/Antiriad in 1997 and received a lot of attention from several translators, but after a while, things slowed down, mainly due to the enormous script which seemed to be too daunting for any translator to complete. Unafarmer (who is responsible for translating Final Fantasy IV for J2e) offered to help in 1998. By the time the ball dropped on 1999, he had translated more text than all other previous translators combined. During Unafarmer's absence, Avicalendrya asked to translate the script and began work anew. He has since stopped. This project still moves along and he hope to see it through to the end. In late 2000, NoPrgress asked to join efforts since he had done a lot of work on his own on DQ6. All patches from now on will be the combined works of DeJap and NoPrgress.

As you can see above, there are four separate translation patches available. Version A is translated by Unafarmer with help from Hojo, Version B is translated by Avicalendrya, Version C is the original DeJap patch from back in the day and Version D is NoPrgress' patch. Each translation is separate and doesn't attempt to make up for parts not translated in the others.

The staff of DeJap would like to thank the ZSNES team and Geoshock for the hosting space and Bisqwit for the php scripts.

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