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Far East of Eden Zero [SNES]

Dark Force

Graphics Decompression:
The Dumper
Dark Force

English Translation:
Fennec Fox

Graphics Decompression100%
Text Translation5%
Script Editing0%
DeXor 1.1 program
FEoEZ Pack 1
FEoEZ Pack 2
FEoEZ Pack 3
FEoEZ Pack 4
FEoEZ Pack 5
FEoEZ Pack 6
FEoEZ Pack 7
FEoEZ Pack 8
FEoEZ Pack 9
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About the Far East of Eden Zero Project

Once zsKnight added a graphics logger to ZSNES, we were able to use the log generated to cut the graphics packs down to 80% of their original size. Dark Force cut them down a bit more and now all the files together take up only 18MB (instead of 140MB). If they were 100% optimized they'd only total 10MB but it that would probably be impossible to log every single graphic in the game, so this is the next best thing. Also, thanks to The Dumper who built the hardware to extract the graphics from the cart in the first place. The graphics have been divided in to 9 packs, to be released 1 each week.
Thanks to Duckroll who played-tested the game.

Until all the graphics packs have been released, please don't complain about corrupt graphics because you will see lots of them. If you have any desire to help out with the FEoEZ translation, let us know. Anusp has started working on the hack for FEOEZ so there will probably be a joint translation venture between J2e and DeJap.

The staff of DeJap would like to thank the ZSNES team and Geoshock for the hosting space and Bisqwit for the php scripts.

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