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Staff Listings
The DeJap Staff are happy to hear from the people who are interested in our translation projects. However, there are certain questions that we will simply not answer in e-mails. Please follow these rules:

1. Do NOT ask where ROMs for these games can be found.
We will not help you break the law, that is completely up to you.
2. Do NOT ask the completion date for a project, or ask to be e-mailed when the project is complete.
This webpage will be the only communication for all project news.
3. Do NOT ask to beta test one of our projects, or ask for patches.
All beta testing for DeJap is done in-house.
4. Do not tell us that we suck.
Chances are very good that we suck a great deal less than how much you suck.

Name Expertise E-mail Webpage
Antiriad [J3d!] Founder, Programmer
Dark Force Group Coordinator, Programmer, Webmaster [ _ darkforce416 _ @ _ hotmail _ . _ com ]
Bisqwit Web Designer, Programmer
Tomato Translator
Chess Piece Face Translator, Web Designer
makokichi Translator
Unafarmer Translator
AWJ Programmer, Translator
The staff of DeJap would like to thank the ZSNES team and Geoshock for the hosting space and Bisqwit for the php scripts.

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