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Tales of Phantasia [SNES]

Dark Force (all versions)

English Translation:
makokichi, Chess Piece Face (DeJap)

Spanish Translation:
Kyo Edy, Atrox

French Translation:
Version A: Bitos, Elfe Noire, Fei, Lag, Meradrin (Final Translation)
Version B: Bahamut, Readiosys (Terminus Translation)

Swedish Translation:
Sanite, Hyuga (General CoolNES Translations)

Finnish Translation:
Bisqwit, Warp

German Translation:
Blade, Kammedo, Ruesselschnurps (Enigma Translations)

Italian Translation:
Berserk, Vito, WinterSea

Brazilian Translation:
SandMan, Parn, Renato

Portuguese Translation:
Ed-, Sardaukar Siet

Chinese Translation:
NetMapel, Inertia

Danish Translation:
2short, Thorn, Sungam

Russian Translation:
daNIL, Rover

Norwegian Translation:
Mike Haggar (Just4Fun Translations)

Greek Translation:

Slovenian Translation:

Dutch Translation:
*-=çRôwMëî$Tèr=-*, Bertulosius, Tha_Mastah, Luke Tacz, Huan Hguyen

Latvian Translation:
Iron Bolt

Vietnamese Translation:
Daoism, Chrono_2005, ZionMagus, Bloody Angel, Levido

Special Thanks:
Lord Tech
Neill Corlett

ENG Translation100%
Script Editing95%
Graphics Editing95%
ESP Translation100%
FR1 Translation100%
FR2 Translation100%
SWE Translation100%
FIN Translation100%
GER Translation50%
ITL Translation10%
BRZ Translation100%
PTG Translation50%
CHN Translation30%
DAN Translation10%
RUS Translation70%
NOR Translation100%
GRK Translation10%
SLV Translation5%
DUT Translation100%
LTV Translation10%
VTN Translation15%
Beta Patch Release Old
English Version 1.2 Final New!
French Beta Version A (FT)
French Beta Version B (TT)
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GCT (Swedish)
Bisqwit (Finnish)
Enigma (German)
FT ToP Page (French)
TT ToP Page (French)
ToP Page (Danish)
Just4Fun (Norwegian)
ToP Page (Vietnamese)
Tales of Phantasia Information Center
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About the Tales of Phantasia Translation

1. What is this patch available for download?
If you're impatient and just want to play, skip to section 5.
This is the patch which was distributed all over the net by people who either leaked it or who happened to come across it and decided to share it with everyone else. It is an old beta, not the final.

2. When did the project begin and how long has it been going on?
The script was dumped by Dark Force in 1997. The main text was translated during Chess Piece Face and Makokichi's spring break in 1999. The rest of the text was translated in the following few weeks, then revisions began. Since then, Dark Force has implemented all the text modes, and variable width font. Reinserting the script was not easy because of Tales' compression scheme.

3. When will the translation be ready for release?
We really don't know. We both work full time and take classes, so finding time and energy can be problematic. All we can say is that we want to have the translation finished just as much as you - probobaly even more than you do.

4. Will the voice samples in Tales of Phantasia be translated?
There are currently no plans to do this, as the only real japanese language is in the oprning quote and song. Addionally, Tales uses a software voice driver to link many samples into one smooth sound, meaning each voice sample would have to be spliced many times and reinserted (the opening song is in the neighbourhood of 1200 samples).

5. Why did you wait so long to release a patch?
Our original hope with this translation was to release it in it's entirety, as a finished product, but due to previous problems with a unscrupulous beta tester leaking the patch and several other immoral folks out there posting the patch (some even claiming it as their own work), we decided to provide the public with the leaked beta patch. The patch that is currently available for download is in no way representative of the current progress of the translation, as it is well over a year old. Our recommendation is that you don't even bother with this patch and wait for the final release, as the beta has many bugs present that will be fixed in the final patch. When the final patch is released it will be everything the translation ought to be. For this reason, no e-mails with questions regarding bugs in the beta patch will be acknowledged.

The staff of DeJap would like to thank the ZSNES team and Geoshock for the hosting space and Bisqwit for the php scripts.

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